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OKC – #1 Best Location for Distribution Centers

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Small Business Fulfillment Distribution Centers OKC.

Some businesses don’t use distribution centers and handle their own order fulfillment. It’s possible to do but highly time-consuming. This time takes employees away from improving products and services. Additionally, when the business handles order processing, it takes longer for consumers to get their orders.

Businesses that want to take their company to the next level need to use a distribution center to grow their sales and inventory capabilities.

Endeavor Industries is a full-service distribution center with the resources, space, and people to fulfill your orders.

Not many know this, but the location is critical to a distribution center’s value. Of course, many distribution locations are on the coasts, which has perks. Still, being located on the coast has many disadvantages.

Endeavor Industries is centrally located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with many advantages that can be valuable to all businesses in the United States.

Today, we’ll talk about why being centrally located is a good thing for a fulfillment center and why your business should consider working with Endeavor Industries.


As always, give us a call or visit our website to learn more about the services we can provide your business.

What are Distribution Centers?

A distribution center is a building that holds a set of products that can be packaged and shipped to a retail location, wholesalers, or directly to consumers. They benefit small businesses and eCommerce platforms because distribution centers help fulfill orders and provide customer service.

They fulfill orders by holding inventory, picking and packing products according to specific orders, preparing them for shipment, and cross-docking.

Distribution centers work directly with the seller to ensure they complete orders with accuracy and punctuality.

eCommerce platforms like Amazon and Etsy can use distribution centers and businesses with their online selling platforms.centrally located Distribution Center

Are Distribution Centers Different from Warehouses?

Yes, distribution centers are different from warehouses.

Warehouses are typically only used for storing products. Distribution centers store products, too. But they also package them for delivery.

Distribution centers are perfect for business to business purchases. Such as a convenience store buying a pallet of your company’s soda line. While this is the norm, some distribution centers handle small-scale customer orders, like an individual buying one box of your company’s soda line.

Types of Distribution Centers

Not all distribution centers have the same capabilities. Here are some of the different types of distribution centers you may find. Endeavor Industries covers most, if not all, of these types!

Pick, Pack, and Ship

Pick, Pack, and Ship is a relatively standard form of distribution center. This center receives the order, picks the accurate number and type of product from the inventory, packs according to the order’s demands, and prepares for shipping.

Smart Centers

Smart centers use technology and automated storage and retrieval systems to fulfill orders. These systems can increase production and accuracy.

Temperature Controlled

These centers offer temperature controlled storage, making them good options for food and beverage companies. Some may offer refrigeration and freezers, while others simply offer a temperature-controlled environment that is neither hot nor cold.


These centers work with businesses that temporarily need space in a warehouse, such as during seasons or holidays.

Online Christmas retailers don’t want to spend money on inventory management in a center during April. So they work with on-demand centers to only spend money on space when needed.

Why are Distribution Centers Important?

Distribution centers are important because they take care of the order fulfillment process on behalf of businesses.

They offload the burden, so customer-centric businesses can grow and focus on improving their product or service.

How Do Distribution Centers Work?

Distribution centers receive an order with detailed information. They then fulfill the order by making a package with the correct number and type of product, preparing it for shipping, and shipping it!

What are the Benefits of Centrally Located Distribution Centers?

Centrally located distribution centers have many benefits, including:

  • Equidistant to all places
    • A distribution center on the east coast that has to ship orders to the west coast can reach distances up to nearly 3,000 miles! Meanwhile, the farthest distance a place in the U.S. can be from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is around 2,000 miles. This reduction of almost 1,000 miles can save your business thousands of dollars in shipping costs. It also makes for faster shipping. 38% of online shoppers will abandon their order if it takes longer than a week to ship. So, having a short delivery time is crucial, and a centrally located distribution center makes that possible.
  • A centrally located distribution center typically offers more affordable services
    • Coastal distribution centers are more expensive to maintain. The coastal land they’re on is more expensive than a center in mid-America. Taxes are typically higher. Those costs get passed down to the businesses that work with them. But not at Endeavor Industries! Our Oklahoma City, OK distribution center is affordable on our end, making the cost of our services more affordable on your end!
  • Optimal for eCommerce platforms
    • Platforms like Amazon love a centrally located distribution center because it makes shipping packages faster and more affordable. All eCommerce platforms and subscription services appreciate a centrally located distribution center’s benefits.

OKC Centrally Located Distribution Centers Fast Delivery.

Where Should I Put my Distribution Center?

OKC is the best location for a distribution center. A centrally located distribution center is the best choice for your business.

Our Oklahoma City, OK distribution center makes shipping faster and more affordable for your business.

On top of that, Endeavor Industries is at the cutting edge of distribution centers. Our warehouse workers can pick, pack, and ship your product and give it storage space. We offer long-term and seasonal inventory space. We never charge minimum order size fees or require you to overturn a high volume of products.

Our space is temperature-controlled and works with eCommerce platforms like Amazon and more. In addition, we have all the right equipment, like a pallet jack, to move your product.

Work with Endeavor Industries to take your business to the next level.

Once again, please call us or visit our website to learn more about what Endeavor Industries can do for you.

Endeavor Industries is the #1 logistics company providing supply chain solutions out of mid-America. We are a 3pl warehouse specializing in e-commerce fulfillment, pick and pack, kitting, batching, and bundling with no minimums. Our FDA-approved facilities are perfect for B2B fulfillment and large enough for crowdfunding fulfillment. Some of our other solutions include cross-docking, amazon FBA prep, amazon account management, and small business fulfillment. If you want to cut your delivery time in half, consider Endeavor Industries; we are Centrally Located to Save You Money with no long-term storage fees. Call today!

#1 Ecommerce Fulfillment Pick and Pack Service

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pick and pack ecommerce.

Endeavor Industries is proud to offer our clients warehouse picking and packing services.

Whether you need storage, Amazon fulfillment, or pick and pack services, Endeavor Industries is there to help your business grow.

We are a full-service fulfillment center capable of handling your product storage and delivery needs.

Endeavor Industries is centrally-located in Oklahoma to make coast-to-coast shipments more affordable for you.

Does your small business want to make the next step in its growth trajectory? Use Endeavor Industries services to offload the burden of order accuracy so you can focus on making your service or product as best as it can be. 

Today, we’ll discuss pick and pack warehouses, why they are valuable, and whom they can help.

What is pick and pack?

Pick and pack services are a form of order fulfillment typically used by eCommerce companies and online store sellers.

Rather than having loads of prepackaged boxes sitting in storage, pick and pack methods allow the fulfillment center to “pick” items from specific orders and “pack” them for shipping. However, there are a few varieties of pick and pack that we’ll discuss later.

Pick and pack leads to efficient shipping and delivery, lowering costs for your business.

At Endeavor Industries, we store our pick and pack items in a way that allows easy access for our workers, resulting in faster handling times.

In short, pick and pack is a service that involves taking a specific number of ordered items from inventory management and packing materials for shipment.

Benefits of Pick and Pack

pick and pack shipping.

Pick and pack warehouses allow eCommerce sellers to offer more product variety to their customers.

Instead of offering a predetermined list of product variations, customers can order exact amounts and combinations of your products to their liking.

Pick and pack, when done well, can also be incredibly efficient and cost-effective. All your items and products can be stored in one location, eliminating the need to pull items from warehouse shelves in multiple locations.

Use Endeavor Industries pick and pack services to take your eCommerce business to the next level.

Pick and Pack Process from Start to Finish

Pick and pack begins with storage. Keep your items in one central location for a smooth pick and pack process.

Then, a customer places an order. Endeavor Industries receives this order into our management system software. Then, our workers get to it, picking and packing items for shipping.

Lastly, the item gets shipped, and the customer is happy to receive their exact, specific order!

pick and pack box.

Why Outsource Pick and Pack Services?

Outsourcing pick and pack warehouses ensure your order fulfillment runs as smoothly as possible.

Small businesses may be accustomed to doing their own order fulfillment. Those that do probably also recognize how time-consuming and difficult it can be at times, taking you away from other important business matters.

And nothing can make sure your business loses customers more than when they get the wrong order.

Outsourced pick and pack fulfillment offloads the burden of order fulfillment and ensures that your customers get the exact order they placed. Grow your business today with cost-effective pick and pack fulfillment from Endeavor Industries.

Pick and Pack Varieties

Here are the different pick and pack strategies most commonly seen in the industry.

Piece Picking

Piece picking takes on orders one at a time. Most pick and pack strategies start here. Piece picking is best for businesses receiving a small number of orders.

Batch Picking

Busier warehouses may employ batch picking, which fulfills more than one order at a time if they are the same. Batch picking is best for businesses receiving a moderate amount of orders.

pick and pack endeavor.

Zone Picking

Zone picking resembles a car assembly line. An order is fulfilled in different zones and makes it to the end of the warehouse as a complete order. Therefore, zone picking is best for businesses receiving a steady flow of orders.

Wave Picking

Wave picking combines the multi-order fulfillment of batch picking and the efficiency of zone picking.

Wave picking is best for businesses receiving a high volume of orders.

Pick and Pack Services Offered by Endeavor Industries

Endeavor Industries can offer pick and pack services for Amazon orders and any other eCommerce platform. We can also satisfy subscription box orders.

Whether your business only needs to fulfill a small number of orders or a large number of orders, Endeavor Industries is the eCommerce pick and pack service for you!

How to Choose The #1 Amazon FBA Prep Service

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FBA Prep Service warehouse.

Have you wondered about how to choose the #1 Amazon FBA prep service? Amazon provides many services. It gives consumers a wide array of products that can be delivered in a few days. You can also self-publish books, find remote workers, and watch hours of content on Amazon Prime. 

But did you know that there are warehouses across America that help facilitate Amazon’s packaging and shipping needs? These places are called Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) Prep Services. 

They are third-party warehouses coordinating with Amazon to help sellers package and deliver their products. 

Endeavor Industries, among the many other services we offer, is an official Amazon FBA Prep Service provider. We’ll explain what that means, how we can help you, and our other services. 

What are FBA Prep Services?

If you sell products through Amazon, you need a way to keep an inventory, package products, and deliver them when ordered. 

Many small businesses handle this independently, but it can be incredibly time-consuming and distract from other parts of the business.

If a small business wants to grow to the next level, it may need to offload the responsibilities of storing, packaging, and shipping its products.

That’s where Endeavor Industries comes in! We work in coordination with Amazon to meet your delivery needs. With your Amazon sales data, we can know when someone places an order and where it needs to go. 

Should I outsource FBA Prep Services? 

Outsourcing your FBA prep services can take your business to the next level. Experts at Endeavor Industries can streamline your delivery process, making it more efficient and giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business. 

How do I choose the right FBA Prep Service? 

Here are some important factors to consider when choosing an FBA prep service. 


Cost is at the top of the mind for every business looking into getting started with an FBA service. 

At Endeavor Industries, we do things a little differently with cost. 

 We never charge for minimums

  • Most FBA services won’t take you on if you don’t sell a minimum number of products a month, or they charge extra for not meeting their minimums. 
  • Endeavor Industries does neither of those things. You can store any number of products at our warehouse, no matter how small. 

No long-term storage fees 

  • If your product doesn’t sell as you expect it to in a given month and you have leftover inventory, don’t worry! Unlike other FBA prep services, we don’t charge long-term storage fees. 

No peak season storage fees 

  • We never charge higher fees for storing with us in peak seasons, like the Holiday season. 


Endeavor Industries is in central Oklahoma. Central OKC is an excellent location for prep services. Many prep services are coastal, leaving trips to middle America costly. Our central location makes nationwide trips more cost-effective for you to do business with us.

FBA prep service climate controlled.

Climate Control

Endeavor Industries warehouse is climate controlled. As a result, your products won’t get too hot or cold when you store with us. Food and beverage products can significantly benefit from a climate-controlled storage facility.

Special Services 

Not all FBA prep services are the same. Here at Endeavor Industries, we offer a wide range of unique services that make us stand out.

FBA Prep Service FDA Approved Stamp.

FDA Approved

  • We are an FDA-approved facility. As a result, we can store food and beverage products that other FBA prep services cannot. 

General Storage 

  • Endeavor Industries can store products for you without pick and pack services included. So we’ve got you covered if you need a place to keep your inventory. 

Crowdfunding/Kickstarter Fulfillment 

  • Many small businesses or startups begin with a massive amount of orders from their initial crowdfunding or Kickstarter campaigns. 
  • Endeavor Industries has the infrastructure to handle these massive orders. 


Endeavor Industries is the place to go for your Amazon FBA Prep Service needs. 

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about what we can offer you, please give us a call or visit the rest of our website!

Why Your Business Should Consider a Third-Party Logistics Company

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Third-Party Logistics Company

 A third-party logistics company (3PL) is responsible for distributing, storing, and transporting goods, among other supply chain management services, to consumers on behalf of other businesses. 

Third-party logistics companies work for businesses that produce goods but don’t have the means to bring those goods to consumers. 

Endeavor Industries is your full-service third-party logistics company solution. We are centrally located to save you money. We offer a multitude of logistics services to help your business run smoothly and allow you to focus on continuing to make great products. 

Here at Endeavor Industries, we’ll explain the ins and outs of 3PL and how to choose one. We’ll also touch on what we do, how it differentiates us from other third-party logistics companies, and why you should consider working with us. 

Third-Party Logistics Company

How can 3PL help your small business? 

A third-party logistics company can offer expertise, streamline supply chains, and save your business time and money

They can offload logistics efforts, make them more efficient, and give your company more time to focus on adding value to your consumers. 

When should I start using a Third-Party Logistics Company? 

Many businesses jump to 3PL when in-house fulfillment becomes too much to handle. 

Additionally, businesses looking to grow their business seek out 3PL support proactively. 

What are the four types of 3PL? 

There are four common types of 3PL. They are 

Standard 3PL Providers

– Standard 3PL Providers offer minimal logistic services like storage and transportation. This is typically the most affordable 3PL option. 

3PL Service Developers

– These 3PLs provide storage and shipping services, technical support, and management. In addition, they can track shipping, provide security, and cross-docking. 

3PL Customer Adapters

– A 3PL customer adapter will cover nearly all logistical components from beginning to end for a business. In addition, they give partners access to management systems and allow for customization when needed. 

3PL Customer Developers

– These 3PLs holistically operate logistics for a company and remove a company’s need for a logistics department. This is the most expensive 3PL due to the heavy workload and responsibility. 

How to Choose a 3PL

Choosing a third-party logistics company is a big step for any business, big or small. A 3PL can help you take your business to the next level when chosen correctly. 

third-party logistics company

What to Look for When Choosing a Third-Party Logistics Company

Look at the range of options they offer. Will your needs be met? Are you going to pay for things you want or need? Can they be flexible and adjust their prices? 

Also, look at their network of locations. For example, if you’re a national brand, you need a national 3PL! 

What to Watch Out for when choosing a third-party logistics company

Watch out for 3PLs who lack experience in your industry. 3PLs who have poor inventory management should be avoided as well. 

Know What You Need! 

What Makes Endeavor Industries Special? 

E-Commerce Fulfillment 

We can store your e-commerce products in-house. We use software that takes your incoming Amazon orders, among other e-commerce platforms, and seamlessly uploads them into our system. 

Then, we can pick, pack, and ship the orders to your customers. 

Amazon FBA Prep 

We can take the product from you, your manufacturer, or directly from overseas suppliers, prep them to Amazon standards, and deliver them to Amazon warehouses to avoid long-term storage fees. 

Subscription Fulfillment 

Subscription boxes, like Loot Crate, fall within our wheelhouse, too. In the past, clients have sent us materials for prep and packaging. We then ship them to customers each month. 

Warehousing and Storage 

We can store your goods and products, even if you don’t need our pick and pack services. 

Amazon Account Management 

We can create or optimize your Amazon store and listings while enhancing your keywords and photos. We can also manage incoming orders, customer service issues, respond to reviews and questions, and process returns. 

B2B Fulfillment 

We store and ship, usually in pallet quantities, from one business to another. 

Cross Docking 

Cross docking allows companies to drop products at our facility, store them temporarily, and reload them into different trucks to take them to another location. 

Crowdfunding and Kickstarter Fulfillment 

When companies launch, they sometimes have massive order loads to fulfill from pre-sales. Endeavor Industries can handle the storage and shipping of such order loads. 

Batching, Kitting, and Bundling 

We take multiple single items together to make one sales unit. 

What Makes Endeavor Industries Special 

– We are an FDA-approved facility! We can safely store food and beverage products that others cannot. 

– Air-conditioned storage and packaging 

– Fulfillment center located in the Central U.S. with nationwide reach. 

– Our entire facility is equipped with fire protective sprinklers to help protect your products from fire damage. 

– Our facility has a complete security system with 24/7 monitoring 

– All employees are drug tested and background checked. 

– Endeavor Industries has no minimums! Therefore, we never charge fees if you don’t sell a minimum number of products or don’t meet our minimums. 

– Endeavor Industries does not charge long-term storage fees. 

– We do not increase prices during peak seasons. 

– We provide top-notch customer service. 

– Endeavor Industries is flexible. We can do as much or as little as you need. 

In conclusion

Here at Endeavor Industries, we hope to have answered some of your most pressing questions about 3PLs. 

3PLs are great resource companies of all sizes looking to take the next step to build their business. 

Endeavor Industries is a full-service third-party logistics solution centrally located in the U.S. to help save money. 

If your business is ready to jump, choose Endeavor Industries.