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Endeavor Industries is proud to offer our clients warehouse picking and packing services.

Whether you need storage, Amazon fulfillment, or pick and pack services, Endeavor Industries is there to help your business grow.

We are a full-service fulfillment center capable of handling your product storage and delivery needs.

Endeavor Industries is centrally-located in Oklahoma to make coast-to-coast shipments more affordable for you.

Does your small business want to make the next step in its growth trajectory? Use Endeavor Industries services to offload the burden of order accuracy so you can focus on making your service or product as best as it can be. 

Today, we’ll discuss pick and pack warehouses, why they are valuable, and whom they can help.

What is pick and pack?

Pick and pack services are a form of order fulfillment typically used by eCommerce companies and online store sellers.

Rather than having loads of prepackaged boxes sitting in storage, pick and pack methods allow the fulfillment center to “pick” items from specific orders and “pack” them for shipping. However, there are a few varieties of pick and pack that we’ll discuss later.

Pick and pack leads to efficient shipping and delivery, lowering costs for your business.

At Endeavor Industries, we store our pick and pack items in a way that allows easy access for our workers, resulting in faster handling times.

In short, pick and pack is a service that involves taking a specific number of ordered items from inventory management and packing materials for shipment.

Benefits of Pick and Pack

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Pick and pack warehouses allow eCommerce sellers to offer more product variety to their customers.

Instead of offering a predetermined list of product variations, customers can order exact amounts and combinations of your products to their liking.

Pick and pack, when done well, can also be incredibly efficient and cost-effective. All your items and products can be stored in one location, eliminating the need to pull items from warehouse shelves in multiple locations.

Use Endeavor Industries pick and pack services to take your eCommerce business to the next level.

Pick and Pack Process from Start to Finish

Pick and pack begins with storage. Keep your items in one central location for a smooth pick and pack process.

Then, a customer places an order. Endeavor Industries receives this order into our management system software. Then, our workers get to it, picking and packing items for shipping.

Lastly, the item gets shipped, and the customer is happy to receive their exact, specific order!

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Why Outsource Pick and Pack Services?

Outsourcing pick and pack warehouses ensure your order fulfillment runs as smoothly as possible.

Small businesses may be accustomed to doing their own order fulfillment. Those that do probably also recognize how time-consuming and difficult it can be at times, taking you away from other important business matters.

And nothing can make sure your business loses customers more than when they get the wrong order.

Outsourced pick and pack fulfillment offloads the burden of order fulfillment and ensures that your customers get the exact order they placed. Grow your business today with cost-effective pick and pack fulfillment from Endeavor Industries.

Pick and Pack Varieties

Here are the different pick and pack strategies most commonly seen in the industry.

Piece Picking

Piece picking takes on orders one at a time. Most pick and pack strategies start here. Piece picking is best for businesses receiving a small number of orders.

Batch Picking

Busier warehouses may employ batch picking, which fulfills more than one order at a time if they are the same. Batch picking is best for businesses receiving a moderate amount of orders.

pick and pack endeavor.

Zone Picking

Zone picking resembles a car assembly line. An order is fulfilled in different zones and makes it to the end of the warehouse as a complete order. Therefore, zone picking is best for businesses receiving a steady flow of orders.

Wave Picking

Wave picking combines the multi-order fulfillment of batch picking and the efficiency of zone picking.

Wave picking is best for businesses receiving a high volume of orders.

Pick and Pack Services Offered by Endeavor Industries

Endeavor Industries can offer pick and pack services for Amazon orders and any other eCommerce platform. We can also satisfy subscription box orders.

Whether your business only needs to fulfill a small number of orders or a large number of orders, Endeavor Industries is the eCommerce pick and pack service for you!