How to Choose The #1 Amazon FBA Prep Service

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FBA Prep Service warehouse.

Have you wondered about how to choose the #1 Amazon FBA prep service? Amazon provides many services. It gives consumers a wide array of products that can be delivered in a few days. You can also self-publish books, find remote workers, and watch hours of content on Amazon Prime. 

But did you know that there are warehouses across America that help facilitate Amazon’s packaging and shipping needs? These places are called Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) Prep Services. 

They are third-party warehouses coordinating with Amazon to help sellers package and deliver their products. 

Endeavor Industries, among the many other services we offer, is an official Amazon FBA Prep Service provider. We’ll explain what that means, how we can help you, and our other services. 

What are FBA Prep Services?

If you sell products through Amazon, you need a way to keep an inventory, package products, and deliver them when ordered. 

Many small businesses handle this independently, but it can be incredibly time-consuming and distract from other parts of the business.

If a small business wants to grow to the next level, it may need to offload the responsibilities of storing, packaging, and shipping its products.

That’s where Endeavor Industries comes in! We work in coordination with Amazon to meet your delivery needs. With your Amazon sales data, we can know when someone places an order and where it needs to go. 

Should I outsource FBA Prep Services? 

Outsourcing your FBA prep services can take your business to the next level. Experts at Endeavor Industries can streamline your delivery process, making it more efficient and giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business. 

How do I choose the right FBA Prep Service? 

Here are some important factors to consider when choosing an FBA prep service. 


Cost is at the top of the mind for every business looking into getting started with an FBA service. 

At Endeavor Industries, we do things a little differently with cost. 

 We never charge for minimums

  • Most FBA services won’t take you on if you don’t sell a minimum number of products a month, or they charge extra for not meeting their minimums. 
  • Endeavor Industries does neither of those things. You can store any number of products at our warehouse, no matter how small. 

No long-term storage fees 

  • If your product doesn’t sell as you expect it to in a given month and you have leftover inventory, don’t worry! Unlike other FBA prep services, we don’t charge long-term storage fees. 

No peak season storage fees 

  • We never charge higher fees for storing with us in peak seasons, like the Holiday season. 


Endeavor Industries is in central Oklahoma. Central OKC is an excellent location for prep services. Many prep services are coastal, leaving trips to middle America costly. Our central location makes nationwide trips more cost-effective for you to do business with us.

FBA prep service climate controlled.

Climate Control

Endeavor Industries warehouse is climate controlled. As a result, your products won’t get too hot or cold when you store with us. Food and beverage products can significantly benefit from a climate-controlled storage facility.

Special Services 

Not all FBA prep services are the same. Here at Endeavor Industries, we offer a wide range of unique services that make us stand out.

FBA Prep Service FDA Approved Stamp.

FDA Approved

  • We are an FDA-approved facility. As a result, we can store food and beverage products that other FBA prep services cannot. 

General Storage 

  • Endeavor Industries can store products for you without pick and pack services included. So we’ve got you covered if you need a place to keep your inventory. 

Crowdfunding/Kickstarter Fulfillment 

  • Many small businesses or startups begin with a massive amount of orders from their initial crowdfunding or Kickstarter campaigns. 
  • Endeavor Industries has the infrastructure to handle these massive orders. 


Endeavor Industries is the place to go for your Amazon FBA Prep Service needs. 

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about what we can offer you, please give us a call or visit the rest of our website!