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Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Amazon Account Management

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Amazon Account Management Services Team.

So you’re a brand owner wanting to expand your business on Amazon, but you feel buried with tasks, deadlines, and other responsibilities. How can you solve this issue with relative ease? You need Amazon Account Management! Account management can be done independently, or you can seek professional help. This help can come from Amazon internal account managers or an experienced independent management service specializing in all things Amazon, fulfillment, and logistics.

Top 5 Reasons for Amazon Account Management

What Is Amazon Account Management? 

Amazon Account Management is the process of hiring someone to manage your seller account. Brand owners use Amazon Account Management to help scale their operations by using the managers’ expert knowledge to optimize their shop and climb through the ranks of Amazon’s algorithm.

Amazon Account Management is helpful for those selling in a niche that follows restrictions from a larger governing body, such as the FDA. An account manager with expert knowledge in your field can provide a safety net by helping you follow any guidelines tied to your product. 

Amazon Account Management is also perfect if you’re still working full-time and selling on Amazon. An account manager can help remove a lot of work from your table that may be getting in the way of growing your business. In addition, they can help with inventory challenges, handle customer cases, and keep you up to date on any Amazon policy changes. 

Amazon Account Management Service Can Help You Create & Implement A Strategy For Selling Your Products

When you start using Amazon account management services, you gain access to a deeper level of analytics. This new account data allows you to make the necessary tweaks to your marketing and your business approach. In addition, you can talk one-on-one with your new account manager to better reach your goals. Your manager is there to help you create and implement tailored strategies for selling your products.Amazon Account Management Expert Insight.

Amazon Account Management Consultants Can Help You Set Up Your Profile

This paid managed service is a must-have when starting a profile with Amazon. Consultants can help set up your account using Amazon’s best practices. If you’ve already got a shop up and running, they can help you optimize the account. So no matter what stage your shop is at, your Amazon seller account manager can help. 

Amazon Account Management Helps Grow Your Shop Easily

Using an independent consultant or an Amazon representative brings a valuable resource of knowledge that will allow your shop to grow quicker with real-time goals and results. But is it better to use an independent consultant or a representative straight from the source?

Using an Independent Consultant vs an Amazon Representative

An independent consultant managing your account, as opposed to a rep straight from Amazon, allows for a more personal approach to your business.

Amazon is clear that just because you have an account manager through Amazon does not mean your shop will get any special treatment.

You should choose the best approach for your business regarding using a third party or Amazon’s paid service. You should compare the pros and cons of each and see if any differences stick out to you. 

Account Management Will Optimize Your Shop to Push Your Listings to the Top of Search

Your Amazon Account Manager will work with you to improve listing optimization and shop details so you can appear in searches quicker and more easily.

As an Amazon seller, you will want to be as competitive as possible so that your listing can compete with other Amazon sellers. Utilizing an Amazon seller account management service works well with Amazon’s integrated seller central tools. The seller tools are important and beneficial to every seller, but adding in a management service brings an extra layer of expertise and gives your store a more competitive edge over others.

What You Get Through Amazon Account Managers:

  • Help create and optimize your amazon store.
  • Guidance updating your SEO (search engine optimization).
  • Help optimize your listings. 
  • Assistance optimizing photos & keywords.
  • Help managing incoming orders.
  • Guide you with customer service conflicts.
  • Help responding to reviews and answering questions. 

An Account Manager Provides Insights & Implements Data-Driven Advertising

An Amazon Account Manager provides more detailed insights than you would have access to working on your own. Without the resources of an industry expert like a third-party consultant or an Amazon in-house manager, your shop is at a disadvantage. When it comes to marketing, the key is knowing who your target audience is. Amazon account managers spend their time training and learning the most successful approaches to selling on Amazon.Data Driven Amazon Account Management Service.

With Amazon seller account management, you gain a heightened level of insight. You can determine exactly whom you need to target, helping you save time and money in your marketing campaigns.

How We Can Help

Amazon Account Management can help you grow your business, better understand your customer base, and alleviate the pressure of running a business all by yourself. As an Amazon Account Management Service provider, Endeavor Industries’ mission is to scale alongside your business. We have many services to help you succeed in this fiercely competitive industry. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow! 

Additional FAQs

Here are a few other popular questions we often receive regarding the Amazon Marketplace & Amazon seller account management services.

How Do I Make My Amazon Seller Account Successful

Success doesn’t come overnight. But by keeping the following in mind, you can continue your seller journey.

  • Make sure to follow Amazon’s guidelines when selling. 
  • Remember your Amazon SEO.
  • Price competitively and research best pricing strategies.
  • Focus on customer service.

Should I Use My Personal Account To Sell On Amazon?

You’re more than welcome to sell your product on your personal account. Still, in the long run, there are more benefits to selling on Amazon’s professional seller accounts, such as:

  • Customize your shipping rates.
  • Add additional users to your account.
  • You can create bulk listings. 
  • Take advantage of Amazon Ads.
  • Sell products under restricted categories such as health, grocery, jewelry, and more.

By using a professional account in combination with Amazon seller account management services, you’ll be able to grow your business better. 

What Does Good Account Management Look Like?

A good account manager will be knowledgeable about your product or service. Not only will they be knowledgeable, but they’ll be customer service-minded. 

In addition, they are driven by results and possess strong communication skills. Finally, they’ll possess the ability to know when the industry and business trends shift. You gain someone who checks these requirements by using Amazon Account Management and can help you grow your business.

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When To Hire A Fulfillment Company

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A fulfillment company can be a valuable asset to any e-commerce business. They can take the weight of storing, picking, packing, shipping, and tracking products off your shoulders, giving you more time to run your growing business. A good fulfillment partner ensures that your products are well kept, accounted for, packaged professionally, and are well received by your customers, increasing your customer satisfaction, referrals, and repeat sales.

Deciding to hire a professional fulfillment company is a big decision. You’ve started a business, hired the team, invested in sales and marketing efforts, are actively selling a product, and have a thriving business to be proud of. You’ve got a lot of things on your plate and hiring a fulfillment company has been in the back of your mind for a while now. But when do you hire, who do you hire, how much is it really going to cost, and can you still make money on your product? Don’t worry, we can help navigate the waters of e-commerce fulfillment and when you should get started with a partner.



When to hire a fulfillment company will vary from business to business. Everyone has different needs, wants, budgets, and abilities that will factor into the decision of when is the right time to outsource order fulfillment. One of the things we consistently hear is that storing, picking, packing, shipping, and receiving products is the most cost prohibitive part of any e-commerce business. It consumes valuable resources that could otherwise be allocated elsewhere; somewhere to help the business grow.

Here are some of the main reasons business owners hire a fulfillment company

We’ve ran out of storage space.
When you can no longer sacrifice your garage or office space or have outgrown the warehouse you’re currently using, it is a good time to consider hiring a fulfillment company. Leasing another space to keep up with your growing demands can oftentimes be very cost prohibitive. You’ll have to lease the building, maintain utilities, hire multiple staff members, purchase equipment such as racking systems, forklifts, packing equipment, scales, computers, scanners etc. and the expense and headache required may not be worth it. Having a fulfillment partner saves you from investing in unnecessary warehouse space and taking on the burden of the extra expenses.

We don’t have the time.
Time is money! You’re running a growing business, your staff is already busy, and packing boxes and making post office runs is not your most valuable contribution to the company. You should be focusing your efforts on your business. When your staff is already spread thin, and let’s face it, picking and packing orders is the last thing they want to be doing, you should consider a fulfillment partner. It will save you time and money by not wasting your staff’s labor hours on the most tedious task in the building.

We don’t have the staff.
Hiring people is hard. Firing people is even harder. E-commerce comes with seasonal fluctuations in sales, which affects the number of people you need in any given period. One month you don’t have enough help, spreading your already busy staff even thinner or trying to quickly hire extra help, and the next month you slow down and have paid employees with nothing to do, or worse, have to let people go. Hiring a fulfillment company takes all that stress away. They are staffed according to their needs, regardless of the season, and you don’t have to worry about fluctuating staffing requirements to keep your business running smoothly.

We want to save money.
Picking and packing orders is a time-consuming job. Time-consuming jobs cost more money. Labor hours add up quickly and that extra expense can hit your bottom line harder than expected. Hiring a fulfillment company can cut expenses significantly because this is their expertise, just like you have yours. Picking, packing, shipping, and receiving inventory is what they do and they do it well, reducing time, labor, and resources that you may not the able to match. When you want to save money on your e-commerce fulfillment hiring a partner may be the best route.

We don’t have the technology.
If you’re packing orders based on the old school spreadsheet method, you’re likely wasting time and resources compared to those running on an intuitive software system. You spend money in labor processing incoming orders, creating pick lists, printing and tracking paper items, printing shipping labels, and making daily post office runs. The world today revolves around smart tech and most fulfillment companies have it. They have already invested in state-of-the-art software that helps them accept and manage incoming orders, maximize efficiencies, control inventory, and more. This software often comes with a large price tag that is hard to justify when you don’t run a warehouse as your full-time business. Initial start up costs, monthly recurring fees, pay per item costs, and the like can add up quickly. Let your fulfillment company bare that burden for you.

Our orders are being damaged/returned.
There is no faster way to disappoint a customer than to have their package arrive damaged, dirty, or poorly presented. Customers today expect an exceptional unboxing experience, and it is your job to give it to them. If you find your packages are arriving damaged far too often, and therefore being returned, it may be time to hire a fulfillment company. A reputable and professional fulfillment partner will take great pride in knowing your products are well received by your customers as it reflects on both you and them and their growth is dependent upon yours.

It’s taking too long to get orders out the door.
The world today is about instant gratification, and your customers are no different. They want their orders in their hands as soon as possible. If it is taking your team several days to pick and pack orders for shipment, then time in transit, your customers are waiting far too long for your products to get into their hands. Research has shown that people buy (and pay extra for!) products that have 2-day shipping or less. When you’re ready to hire a fulfillment company be sure to find one that offers same day shipping and stays committed to that promise.

We’re too far from our customers to ship efficiently.
Location, location, location. And when shipping products across the country the saying is even more true. If you’re on the east coast and your customer is on the west coast the shipping costs are going to be much higher for you, eating into profits, and time in transit adds up quickly, ultimately disappointing a patiently waiting customer. If you find that more often than not, you’re shipping outside your state and those immediately surrounding you, it may be time to hire a fulfillment company. Look for one that is close to your primary customer base or centrally located in the US to ensure fast efficient shipping to anywhere in the country.

We think we’re paying too much for shipping.
Truth is, you probably are. Professional fulfillment companies have negotiated discounts with all the major carriers far beyond what is offered to the public. You may be paying up to 60% more for shipping than what they are! That adds up fast and hits the bottom line hard. But, when you hire a fulfillment company to help service your customers, they pass their discounts along to you. You save money, save your customers money, increase your profit margins, and end every transaction happy. No more overpaying for shipping and eating into the bottom line with every sale!


Deciding when to hire a fulfillment company may take some time. You will want to evaluate your current needs, plan for future ones, and look at both the resources you currently have allocated to fulfillment and those that may be freed up when you hire a fulfillment partner. It is not the best fit for everyone but if any of the above situations apply to you it should be strongly considered. Having a strong partner can exponentially grow your business by helping fill a gap you may currently have or by simply allowing you and your team time to focus on growth instead of packing orders.

Check out our other posts on who to hire, how much is it really going to cost, and can I still make money on my product.

Endeavor Industries is a strong fulfillment partner that believes in the value of relationships. We want to be more than a just vendor for you, we want to be your long-term strategic partner. We would love nothing more than to discuss your fulfillment needs and see if we can help. Even if we are not the best fit for your current needs, we have a large network of people who may be! Call or email our team to see how we can help!

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